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14 Fun Facts About Black Cats

When we think about Halloween, it is always witches, pumpkins, bats, and black cats that you generally think of. But know much do you really about cats. You will check how much you know these amazing creatures with the bellow fun facts attached to them. Here are 14 Fun Facts About Black Cats:

  1. People of ancient Egypt thought they brought good luck and were a helpful animal, and considered cats as sacred,
  2. In Europe, during the middle period, people connected black cats to witchcraft to the extent that if a single elderly woman looked after some of these stray ones, she was taken to be a witch.
14 Fun Facts About Black Cats
  1. In certain areas of Ireland and England, people think that if one black cat crosses your path it will bring you good luck.
  2. Women in the midlands of Great Britain are given cats at their wedding to bring them good luck.
  1. In Scotland, when entering a home, they are thought to bring in good fortune, forecasting a prosperous period ahead.
  2. In Germany, when a black cat crosses your path from left to right, it is thought to be a good omen. But also can be a signal of bad luck when the cat goes from right to left in front of you.
  3. For a pirate seeing a black cat may sometimes confuse him, and an approaching one is unlucky. If it is moving far away, it means good luck. But when it is coming near the ship and midway changes its mind to retract its steps, it is treated as a signal that the ship is about to sink in the sea.
14 Fun Facts About Black Cats
  1. Single women in Japan consider cats as lucky as they would help attract lovers to them.
  2. In Russia, all kinds of cats are considered a symbol of good luck.
  3. There are many breeds of black cats. The directory of the Cat Fanciers Association says there are nineteen different kinds of that type of cats.
  4. The golden color of their eyes with a high level of melanin pigment makes them look beautiful and amazing.
  1. They often are boys but could be female or male.
  2. Every 17th of August is Black Cat Appreciation Day.
  3. The black color is such that it goes well with any color combination of your home furnishings or furniture.


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