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4 Tips To Stop Your Barking Dog!

Do your dog bark all the time and seems to be a problem for you? and you need some dog barking control help? This article has the solution for you to prevent dog barking sounds from ever coming out of your dog again (unless you want them to bark of course)! So, here are 4 Tips To Stop Your Barking Dog!

When new dog owners first take home their adorable puppy, they are not aware of the barking and yelping that is common for young puppies first coming home.

It’s the same thing for older dogs that have been adopted. This is especially true for those first few nights when the new four-legged member of the family tries to sleep.

Why dogs are barking?

The reason behind a barking dog problem and or crying can be the fear of being alone. For the young puppy, you will hear the dog barking sounds because they have been taken away from the litter and their mother, so they are naturally upset.
For those recently adopted dogs it is the new surroundings and smells that cause anxiety and barking and whining.

So what can be done to get dog barking control?

If you run to your dog and try to soothe them from crying, you are not getting rid of the barking dog problem the correct way. Instead, you are only feeding the behavior and are creating a spoiled dog.
On the other hand, if you just close the door, and do not get in dog barking control, their incessant dog barking sounds and whining will keep you and other family members from sleeping.

Here are 5 Tips to Stop your Barking Dog :

  • Tip 1: First do not yell at them, because it will only create more anxiety, so they will continue barking or whining.
  • Tip 2: When leaving the home, refrain from long and drawn-out departures. Do not sweet talk them, or pet them before you leave because they will associate that behavior with your leaving.

    This only creates stress anytime you try to go anywhere, and you still have a barking dog problem, but now that you are gone, your neighbors will hear the dog barking sounds.
  • Tip 3: If they start barking, a simple training aid can get them to quiet down relatively fast.

    Put a few pennies in a can and if they start barking, simply toss the can in their direction. The startling noise will divert their attention from making any dog barking sounds and can start you on your way to stopping your dog barking problem.
  • Tip 4: A water bottle can be used with a misting spray to divert their attention from making any dog barking sounds. These methods will only help if you are there and are able to do something. The real problem arises when you are away when the dog barks (or it is out of your reach).

Some other options that you can use when you’re not around, or if the tips above don’t work could be:

Dog Shock Collars:

They sound extreme, and we didn’t want to use these but read more on this, and why it’s not so bad.

Ultrasonic Control:

Perhaps your neighbor has a barky dog? Maybe you’re averse to shock. This sound activates when a dog barks only.

Citronella Collar: Another option.


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