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15 Things You Should Know About Your Dog

15 things every dog owner should know

Dogs are tremendously faithful and loving animals rightly, they are man’s best friend. So, those who have a dog as a member of their family should recognize all the things described in this list but if you haven’t done before you will now. Below you will find a list of 15 things that every dog owner should know.

1. They will love your first baby s if it was their own:

15 things every dog owner should know

   When you had a newborn arrival, have you seen your dog’s first reaction? Sometimes there is no immediate acceptance but it’s rarely happened. Dogs are able to identify that this baby already belongs to your family using their sensitive smell. Even they may not always understand what it is all about!!

   Dogs understand the delicacy of a new member of the family. your dog can be your most patient nanny.


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