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How to CLICKER Train your dog ??

Clicker training your dog is a good way to get them trained. When it comes to clicker dog training, especially puppy clicker training is very important, as is crate training a dog. So, how to clicker train your dog??

Clicker training your dog can be a very simple and effective way for you to get exceptional behavior from your pet.
What you are going to find is that clicker dog training allows you to communicate with your pet in a manner that they understand and respond better thanks to the positive reinforcement that this form of training has to offer.

The benefits of clicker dog training :

  • By clicker training your dog, especially when puppy clicker training, you are going to teach them to understand commands and pinpoint the action they are being rewarded for. So when your canine does any desirable behavior, it can be marked by the distinct “click” sound made by your clicker.
  • Clicker training your dog is based on positive reinforcement, teaching them to learn using no physical compulsions or corrections.
  • Clicker dog training means no hands on your dog, forcing them to learn the command, yet they are taught the command via clicker training by using scientific methods of classical and operant conditioning.
  • Clicker training your dog is a safe, humane and effective way to teach your dog any command you desire.

Does puppy clicker training or clicker dog training work?

All the proof you need is in the wonderful Orcas and dolphins at Sea World. They are very disciplined in their movements because they were clicker trained.
The clicker is a toy-looking device that makes a distinct sound when pressed. So let’s say you are training your dog to sit. You issue the “sit” command followed by one click of the clicker. When they successfully respond by sitting they get rewarded with a treat.
Your canine will come to love that sound because of the rewards, and automatically execute the command to get their reward.

So when you take the approach of clicker training your dog, you will want to be careful enough to watch the behavior he is doing.

For example, you might get him to stand and tell him to stand.

The instant this happens, you will then click on the clicker and reward your dog with a treat.

You will need to continue practicing this clicker dog training in different durations and from a variety of positions. so, your pet focuses on the action that they are doing and not on the queues you might make with your body language on what you will be requesting. Over time, even when puppy clicker training, you will want to begin to fade out the clicker and treats for the actions as well.

As the commands become ingrained into your dog’s mind, you will need to reduce the number of rewards that they get and show them it is an expected action.

Of course, you can always pet your dog to show them that you appreciate them doing the task, and that can boost their spirits without an endless supply of treats. Because that might not be the best for their figures.

Keeping in mind that the occasional treat does help to reinforce him that obeying does come with occasional benefits.

How to CLICKER Train your dog ??

More importantly, reducing the frequency also helps to prevent the boredom some pets experience by knowing the process in advance from start to finish.

As you begin to learn more about clicker training your dog, you will find that this really is a very effective approach. Not only is it a positive approach, but you will find that clicker dog training and puppy clicker training have been scientifically proven to work.

Best of all, when you are training larger dogs you will find that the reduction in resistance and less aggressive stance will have a stronger impact on them as well.

If you want an effective tool that can truly have an impact on your pet, you will want to consider puppy clicker training and clicker dog training.

This forgiving and passive approach to training, that is clicker dog training, will yield better results so give it a try. You and your canine will reap the rewards.

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