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Why does my dog get itchy ears?

why my dog get itchy ears ?

Today we are gonging to talk a little bit about dog ears, exactly ear infections. I think ear infections are probably one of the most common things we see in veterinary practice with dogs. So, let us discuss why does your dog gets itchy ears?

Dogs are always coming in with itchy ears or rubbing their face on things, and let us just start off by saying 99% of the time, and we will not say a hundred because nothing’s 100% sure in life, but 99% of the time, ear infections and dogs are a manifestation of food allergy.

Your dog has ear infections, it probably has a food allergy. Many dogs who are eight, nine ten years old, have had probably a dozen ear infections treated at various vets.

Dog owners confirm that their dogs get itchy ears 2 or 3 times a year and they just put some drops in and it gets better. Also, they do ear swabs and do food exclusion trials and the dog stops getting ear infections. This is the rule, not the exception.

But there are other reasons why your dog might have itchy ears !!

A healthy dog’s ears should have nice light pink skin (salmon pink). The hair should be nice and fluffy around the opening of the ear canal. when you start seeing redness, like proper red redness, on the inside of the skin or you start seeing a lot of waxy build-ups there, that’s probably a sign of inflammation inside the ear.

The vast majority of those will be an infection that’s happened because your dog has chronic allergies. In fact, that skin’s inflamed, and then bacteria and yeast just decide to set up.


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