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Why Does My Cat Drool?

Why Does My Cat Drool?

Why Do cats drool? We all know that dogs have a reputation for being the drooliest of human companions, but some cats can also drool.

when you just carry your cat on your shoulder and then suddenly you feel a little line of something wet hitting your neck or maybe brushing against your ear and you reach up and you’re covered in cat drool. We will try to explain this phenomenon to you.

Why Does My Cat Drool?

Let’s get into understanding why cats drool on your shoulder.

First, let’s bring a little bit of neurophysiology into this subject. There are 2 components to our autonomic nervous system in the nervous system, which is in charge of functions. We are not consciously in control of such as digestion, how dilated our pupils are, our blood pressure. There is a sympathetic and parasympathetic component.

The sympathetic component is the fight-or-flight response.  It is what happens when somebody claps their hands behind you and you jump out of your skin 

and your blood pressure spikes through the roof. It is the response to threats and imminent danger. 

The opposite of it is the parasympathetic response it is the engagement of soothing 

music on a beautiful evening. It is the feeling of fullness from a really really delicious meal.

It is the sense of well-being and calm that lowers your blood pressure, and it is also what causes drooling in cats when they are relaxed. Because you notice this phenomenon usually when a cat is on your shoulder, in your arms, or maybe on your chest when you wake up from sleep. 

They are super chill, super relaxed and their parasympathetic nervous system kicks in.


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