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4 Signs that your cat is sick and must visit a vet!

4 Signs that your cat is sick and must visit a vet!

There are many people who own cats who just look at their cat and say ‘hey my cat looks okay, doesn’t need to go to the vet’. So, what are the signs that your cat is sick and must visit a vet?

There are many health conditions that cats get and we call them basically ‘old person diseases’ that indoor cats get in particular that are not at all obvious. And the thing about chronic health issues is that the earlier you diagnose them, the more effective the treatment is, the cheaper the treatment is, and the better the quality of life for the patient.

Cats aren’t like dogs and will not tell you that they are sick! Dogs will whine, and put on a big dramatic act. In the end, we will bring them food and health care.

Cats do live socially but they’re solitary hunters. They don’t rely on anyone else for help. Which is one of the reasons we love them, is ‘because they’re just independent little killing machines that choose to share their life with us. But as a result of that, when they’re ill they don’t show it they try to hide it.

Have you ever seen a cat whine? We mean certainly, cats can vocalize – they can be quite vocal and annoying – but it rarely has anything to do with pain or discomfort.

Often, cats do that when they are hungry or bored and want to communicate with you.

So, how can you know if your cat is feeling bad and sick when they don’t tell you themselves?

In this article, we will give you just a few things you can look for at home that’ll help you look at your cat and say ‘hey are you doing alright?’.

First, inappropriate elimination.

4 Signs that your cat is sick and must visit a vet!

If your cat always uses the litter box but then starts peeing or pooping on the floor, certainly there is something wrong. They’re not being contrary. They’re being sick.

So, if your cat starts eliminating inappropriately when they’ve always used the litter box before, take them to the vet. Because there is a reason for that, and the vet can fix it.

Second, Hiding.

Now, cats hide when they’re ill. Outdoor cats will just crawl under a car and try to die when they get really sick. Indoor cats will just hide under the couch or in the closet or somewhere they don’t normally hang out.

Cats’ habits are different from other pets. That’s why if your cat continues hiding it means that there is something wrong especially if they have a fever.

They’ll just be away. They’ll put themselves away somewhere dark, and quiet and basically wait till they get better or die.

This is their natural behavior when they fill sick, all you have to do is to take them to visit a vet. And make them feel better.

Third, increased aggression :

4 Signs that your cat is sick and must visit a vet!

If your cat gets kind of untouchable, he is probably in pain. You know for example having a toothache, sore joints from arthritis, a sore back, really infected hair mats. That chronic pain can make your cat a little irritable. Because he is in pain all the time and his response to pain is to get cranky and kind of untouchable.

So, if that’s the case take him to the vet immediately.

Fourth, Vomiting :

If your cat is vomiting it can be a sign of old cat diseases.

You may notice that your cat is vomiting many a time a week. It’s a problem that should be fixed.

It can’t be a very bad problem. Perhaps it’s a chronic food intolerance or inflammatory bowel disease.

Many people accept that their cats are vomiting multiple times a week as normal. And it’s common, but it is not normal. So, please don’t ignore when your cat is vomiting too many times.

These are some signs that you can look for. So, please don’t forget to check in with your cat once in a while, and don’t expect anything super obvious.

Our cats really deserve a health check at least once a year, doing regular blood and urine testing.

Little practices like that will help us to identify if our cat is sick earlier. Then we can start helping them and really improve their quality of life, save us a lot of money, and then kind of make life better for everybody.


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