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6 Signs that your pet is having a heat stroke.

Heat stroke is a life-threatening emergency for our dogs and cats. Everyone should know how to detect it and how to manage it. that’s why we will discuss in this article 6 signs that your pet is having a heat stroke and its causes.

Heat stroke was definitely always one of the more challenging threats, because of the knock-on physiological effects that thermal stress can have on the body.

Here are some Signs that your pet is having heat stroke:

Let’s start with dogs:

  1. You’re will notice excessive panting with brick red gums.
  2. You might see really dry gums or you might see a lot of drooling then you will see vomiting.
  3. Muscle tremors weakness or disorientation.
  4. Cognitive effects, like your dog doesn’t really respond to its call or just sits there and doesn’t want to walk with you.
  5. They might collapse or try to walk but their gait will be really stiff or they’ll be like falling over and their legs will be crossing. And of course, that can lead to coma and once you have a heat stroke coma, then things are pretty dire. Unfortunately, some of these dogs might actually seem to do okay for a day or two. But then go into organ failure like 24 to 48 hours later. So, this should be treated very seriously.
  6. Also, you’re going to see this on a hot day.

For cats:

Cats are very similar to dogs. You know drooling, brick red gums, vomiting, loss of consciousness … all those are signs that your cats may have a heat stroke.

One thing you should never really see in a cat is panting. So, if you see your cat panting, he might not be having heat stroke if there are no other signs there. Unless of course, they’re asthmatic in which case they might just be having an asthma attack or an asthma attack with heat stroke.

 Asthmatic cats should also be really kept monitored closely during hot weather. Steps should be taken to keep them out of the heat.

What kind of conditions causes heat stroke?

  • Maybe you go for a long walk on a hot day without really thinking about it.
  • Maybe go for a hike without bringing water for your dog and there are no streams on the trail.
  • Maybe you haven’t just had a brachiocephalic breed like a short-faced dog.
  • Maybe you play with your dog in the park on a hot day without realizing that your dog hasn’t drunk properly. That day you know they’re not very good at hydrating at all times. those are all common situations.
  • The one that should never ever happen but sadly still does, is you leave your dog in a car. Don’t you ever leave your dog in a car any time of the year, particularly in the summer. It doesn’t matter what you do or how down the windows are, never leave your dog in a car unless you own a tesla in pet mode.

Finally, our dogs and cats are like our friends and we should take care of them and never let them get sick of heat stroke.


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