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what should I name my cat to get his attention?

Owning a cat is something amazing and makes us happy because we all adore them and enjoy their company. That’s why we would like to give them a good specific name.  In this article, we will talk about cat names, more specifically about what sounds make for a good cat name.

Cat names that get your cat’s attention – what should I name my cat?

what should I name my cat to get his attention?

Suppose we have a cat and we named him ”Lancelot”,  we can say that Lancelot is not an ideal cat name.

why ”Lancelot” isn’t a good name?

It’s because of the ears of cats. Cats have evolved to hear high-pitched sounds far better than low-pitched sounds, and their ears are geared to do so. They are also situated very close together on the head.

That is because most of their prey animals, rodents, and birds, all communicate in a very high frequency, stuff that humans can’t hear.

Cats are therefore considerably better at hearing high-frequency sounds than low-frequency sounds.

Several years ago, a study was conducted to demonstrate that cats respond to their names far better if they end in a high-pitched sound. For example, Lancelot ends on a low sound, he’s much less likely to respond than that if we call him ‘’Lancy’’.

Because Lancy is a high-pitched sound and he will hear it much more clearly and respond to it much more regularly than a low-pitched sound like ‘’Lancelot’’.

This is true of any cat name. Moreover, we think a lot of cat owners do this instinctively.

You’ll find a lot of people that they have a cat named ”fluffy”, they’ll say ”fluffy, fluffy…” and notice, ”Lancelot” responds to ”fluffy” just as well as ‘’Lancy’’. Because it seems to be a high-pitched sound.

So, how can you use that?

what should I name my cat to get his attention?

You can name your cat, whatever you like, but if you want to get their attention, you can pronounce that name with an up pitch.

That’s just something to think about when you’re trying to communicate with your cat.

Another place where this might come in useful is if you’re trying to get your cat’s attention from across the room, maybe you’re trying to take photographs, perhaps you wish your cat would put down whatever it is doing and focus on you. One strategy would be to make a high-pitched sound say anything that ends on an “e”. With the high-pitched squeaky sound, they’re much more likely to turn around and look at you if you produce that sound.


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