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How to tell if your dog has arthritis?

   How to tell if your dog has arthritis?  This is one of those questions that many dog owners ask because let’s face it most dogs will get arthritis. So, what is arthritis?

   Arthritis is a degeneration of cartilage in our joints and what happens when our cartilage degenerates is it gets inflamed and we feel pain when we try to move, we feel stiff we feel uncomfortable and this is something that most of us will deal with at some point in our lives. Certainly, something most of our dogs will deal with, in particular large breed dogs.

 Most dogs that are a large breed, and by the large breed we mean sort of more than 20 kilograms, they got arthritis. They almost all have arthritis and certainly, once you get up to the giant breeds like Saint Bernards, Great Danes, and Dobermans, they almost invariably develop arthritis fairly early in life.

How can you tell when your dog has arthritis?

    Probably the most common thing that owners will observe is that their dog is slowing down. There are many reasons why dogs might slow down later in life like heart splenic disease, and arthritis is probably the most common one.

   Certainly, you shouldn’t just look at a dog that suddenly doesn’t want to go and walks and say he got arthritis.

Another common thing that owners say is when they say my dog kind of sits down halfway through a walk and doesn’t want to walk anymore or some days their dog doesn’t want to go outside. All of those are just really broad behavioral signs that tell us that this dog is either uncomfortable or in pain or is it weakness pain. Why else would a dog don’t want to go outside and then obviously we can follow up and investigate data and try to figure out exactly why. Rule out all of the kinds of medical scary disease types, things that could cause this, and often we end up with that our dog has arthritis.

Finally, in order to be certain if your dog is having arthritis earlier, visit a vet and take care of your dog.


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