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How to minimize my pet’s bad breath?

How to minimize my pet's bad breath?

A lot of pet owners are asking why my pet has bad breath and is there anything we can do to prevent it or at least minimize my pet’s bad breath

Well, most of the time dogs or even cats have bad breath, which usually means we have some form of dental disease. Sometimes, we go to work without brushing our teeth or we don’t brush them for a while, so we notice that we have a bad breath and become annoying. well, it’s the same thing with dogs and cats.

How to minimize my pet's bad breath?

There is a genetic aspect to it in which case some pets have worse teeth than others. So, their teeth need to be cleaned more than others.

There are many solutions to minimize the bad breath of our pets.

When they are warranted and they do have dental disease, we like to do scaling and polishing. It will help minimize tartar accumulation and plaque formation.

There is something called non-anesthesia teeth cleaning we can use it because a lot of people have anxiety about the anesthetic which is very safe. It’s a wonderful way of cleaning

your pet’s teeth when they are very mild to moderate dental disease, it’s very quick and it’s also relatively inexpensive diet. It is important most of the time with dogs.

We like to use hard crunchies to break down some of this calculus.

with cats, it’s interesting that used to be the case, we actually recommend more canned food, because of the benefit.

Cats don’t drink a lot. So, we need more moisture to avoid a lot of teeth issues that the dry will benefit.

In the end, put on the proper diet and make sure that we’re having regular check-ups. Getting the teeth cleaned periodically as needed depending on the pet status. You know could be once or twice a year. This is the best way to prevent your pet bad breath.


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