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4 Reasons Why We Prefer Cats Instead of Dogs

Sometimes we find as in a hard situation between choosing a cat or o dog, and we can’t make the right decision. So in this article, we will discuss 4 reasons why we prefer cats Instead of dogs.

1.Cats Are Not That Noisy

Dogs always make noise by barking at people passing by, at animals, and when it wants to get its favorite toy under the couch. Whatever the reason is, barking can be annoying to even the most passionate dog lovers.

On the other side, cats also make little noise especially during nighttime, when most cats are active. but their purrs and meows can be relatively quiet. These sounds are not only cute but can mean something, which cat owners have learned to find out. Whenever a cat meows, it can tell that it is hungry or wants to be cuddled.

2.Cats Ward Off Pests

Photo: Pixabay

We all know that cats are hunters by nature, the scent of a cat can prevent rodents from invading their home since when these pests sense a hunter inside, they will less likely to proceed.

3.Cats are clean

4 Reasons Why We Prefer Cats Instead of Dogs
Photo: Pixabay

Dogs owners always need to bath and groom their dogs regularly, which it certainly cost money that they pay to the groomer. But in the other side cats are so clean they clean themselves every day.

4.Cats respect the personal space of humans

After coming tired from work, dogs will receive you in the door and want to hug you and also will follow you wherever you go. However, cats are so quiet and cold sometimes, they know what is personal space means. So, you can find time to relax and take a rest peacefully.

In conclusion, after discussing the 4 reasons, cats deserve to be preferred over dogs. However, people’s choices always differ and they will choose what they love the most.


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