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3 Aspects that really change your Dog’s Personality!!

Many events and habits in life influence the personalities of people. The same thing is happening to dogs, their personalities change over time as they age. Despite that personalities can be different from a dog to another, the majority of them become less active, lazy and less curious over time.

So what is dog’s personality stands for? and what are the 3 aspects that really change your dog’s personality!!

Personality stands for the usual behaviors of a person and the characteristics that make him unique. Also can be defined in how the person perceives and reacts to his environment.

For example, you can notice that many dogs are steady but others are active or nervous and sensitive. You see that there are really many differences in dog’s personalities.

The personality of dogs can change depending on 3 aspects: their age, changes in the personality of their owner, and the quality of their relationships with other people.

The bodies and brains of dogs are changing as they grow. In fact, is clear that these changes will affect the personality of dogs.

A Michigan state university study concludes that dog’s personality changes largely. In other words, many changes, for example, a dog being aggressive, can be due to how he was grown up. Don’t worry, it’s possible to change the behaviors of your dog since most dog’s traits tend to blend with the owner’s personalities. Moreover, if you are able to understand your dog’s personality, you will minimize the potential of misunderstanding your dog in the future.

In conclusion, all dogs have their own personality that changes over time. And when we want to examine dog’s personality we should explore beyond their breed. Don’t forget that your dog’s personality depends on you and how you treat him. It’s favorable to pay attention to your dog’s needs. So they can grow a good personality and remain a worthy friend.

Have you ever notice any changes in your dog’s behavior? let us know in the comments.


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