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5 Movies every dog owner must watch!!

Watching a romantic movie with your love is something amazing, it’s the kind of movies that makes you closer to each other and makes the hugs sweeter because you realize how important your wife is no matter what’s going on in the world. It can be the same thing for a dog owner because dogs are the man’s best friend, and are known for their loyalty that’s why they deserve a special place in our hearts. So, below will present you a list of movies that every dog owner must watch.

Let’s start our 5 movies list that every dog owner must watch:

1- Beethoven :

The Newton family is a happy family. But she feels that something is missing. This empty will be filled by a lovely dog, which has just escaped from dog kidnappers. The puppy Beethoven grows and grows until reaching 85 Kg!! For now, terrible vet Doctor Varnick is secretly developing products that need experiments on dogs.

2- All Dogs Go To Heaven :

The dastardly Carcass had this brave Charlie impounded, but the latter manages to escape thanks to Gratouille. Carcasse then sends him to seventh heaven, but Charlie comes back too! Our hero will then undertake to deliver from the clutches of his sworn enemy, a little orphan, Anne-Marie, odiously sequestered.

3- My Dog Skip :

In 1942, in Yazoo, in the United States, life for Willie Morris, an 8 years old young boy, wasn’t happy. Ignored by children his age and protected by his father, Willie has no other friends than his loyal dog, Skip. This amazing animal demonstrates to be very skilled and intelligent and will help the young man to unchain himself. But time passes and Willie, now 17 years old, leaves the small town for the first time and says goodbye to his best friend Skip.


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